Meet Our Team

At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we want to ensure that every visit is as personal and enjoyable as possible. We want each and every one of our patients to enter our office feeling as if they know our staff and can trust them with any issues they may have. In our office, we treat our patients and staff like family.

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We believe in the importance in creating meaningful work relationships where we share our passions not only in the work place but together in our community as well.

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Our office culture is an integral part of the way we run our day to day operations. Our first priority is always the needs of our patients! Our office is set apart from others as we personalize and customize care for each individual and our patients are treated as family and not just a number.

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We are very active in our community and we all enjoy a wide range of activities ranging from motorcyle riding, spending time with family, cooking, outdoor activities, sports, physical fitness, and church outreach.